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City Courier

City Courier are specialized services provided by ncs for customers who want to send documents and packages in large numbers in specific areas jabodetabek. and in this service can send as: credit card, bank statement, brochures, monthly credit card bill / phone.
types of courier service in the city include:
1. regular / normal (5 days)
2. Urgent (3 days)
3. Top Urgent (1 Day)
4. Rush (6 hours on the same day)

Domestic Express

Domestic Express are the main services provided by ncs to customers without any minimum number of documents or parcels for delivery to all parts of Indonesia

International Express


NCS will pick up and deliver the goods (documents, package, project, cargo) to over 150 countries through a network that has been working with the NCS. NCS has a strong and reliable partner in some countries such as Singapore, Thailand, The United Kingdom (for all continental Europe) and The United States.

Logistic & Warehouse

Logistics & Warehouse is the service provided by the NCS in the form of rental storage warehouse for the customer. Location, facilities and infrastructure are customizable warehouse management respectively customer.

Mailroom Management

Mailroom Management is one ncs services products that will provide solutions to the needs of document management in a company. services to be provided include handling incoming documents and documents out of the activities of the company's internal delivery. The activities include the activities of inter-floor, between the same or different departments, both of which are located between branches in one region or another region

Dedicated Courier

NCS can provide courier services are placed in tenant companies to send documents and packages

Trucking & Moving

For data transmission services, ncs provides charter service truck (FLT: Full Truck Load) with a diverse fleet ranging from vans, carry box, CDE, CDD, Fuso up to Gull wing, or partial submission service LTT (Less Than Truck Load). This service is to serve the area of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, Nusa southeast and Sulawesi

Gangguan pada layanan ONS dan SDS

Mohon maaf bila ada keterlambatan dalam pengiriman akibat adanya kendala pada sistem e-Cargo Garuda.

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